Infrastructure Solutions Provider

DNA Definitive works with infrastructure solutions provider to breach the management/frontline gap


Client: Infrastructure Solutions Provider
Department: Head Office
Timescale: 2013


The Background

The infrastructure solutions provider is one of the most highly regarded, trusted and well-known companies in the South West of England. It offers a diverse portfolio of services via a variety of divisions. Services include design, maintenance and management of grounds and public spaces to the construction and repair of infrastructure and highways and surfacing.

The company provides a complete solution service and helps local communities grow and thrive in a sustainable way.

At a conference for senior managers and directors Dr. Paul Thomas, DNA Definitive was the guest speaker, talking about Simplexity and the challenges facing 21st century organisations. The company attended the session and contacted Paul to learn more and subsequently invited him into the organisation to work with the team.


The Challenges

Contracting, which is how the organisation bids for each project and piece of work has become increasingly commercial and competitive, with the bottom line and customer service delivery key to success. The connectivity between sales at the front line and the leadership team wasn’t as close as it needed to be, meaning both teams didn’t feel adequately supported.


The Solution

DNA Definitive interviewed and conducted research with people on the ground to discover the challenges being faced on a daily basis. One of the main teams, made up of 80 people, 50 operatives, 10 administrative staff and 20 supervisory staff members, were approached and questioned about their experiences, either in groups or individually.

Resistance to the process was initially experienced at Director level, excluding the MD, whilst the staff welcomed the opportunity to talk about their roles and challenges faced.

Specific tasks such as the onerous time sheet system, were scrutinized. The system used was detailed and time consuming and created pressure for many employees. Staff were asked for feedback and input of ideas for improvements and as a result significant changes were made to the way staff use and complete the forms

One of the leadership teams was reluctant to buy into the ‘chaos’ typically created by the DNA team and complained about lack of framework and structure of the approach used. The Head of Division who supported the process did experience challenge and resistance, but has since been able to delegate and empower others more often, and has changed some of the working practices used across the Division.


The Impact

Throughout the process staff on the ground were initially engaged, but were frustrated when the senior team showed reluctance, ultimately slowing the process of change down.

The initial period of chaos and encouraging all team members to question themselves and everything they do at each stage resulted in process changes in some instances. A structure has now been put in place by the Head of Division that encourages the team to be more innovative and take more responsibility for what they do.

The new time recording system devised extricated a degree of process and has since made things more efficient at all levels.

When asked if they would either use them again or recommend DNA to other organisations, the response was:

“Without a doubt. In addition to the impact on our team, the team at DNA have learned lessons also from the experience. Engaging leadership in the change is key for buy-in across the board. Ultimately we have one young Division Director who didn’t want DNA involved and still doesn’t, and it’s an ongoing issue for us. Because our organisation is different and also very traditional, like the industry it operates in, there were certainly challenges for all.”


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Infrastructure Solutions Provider

DNA Definitive works with infrastructure solutions provider to breach the management/frontline gap

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