ReThink Recruitment

Being Different


Client: ReThink Recruitment
Department: Gareth Jones, Regional Branch Manager, Manchester
Timescale: July 2013


The Background

The ReThink Group was established eight years ago and has offices in Manchester, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Dubai and Singapore with an annual turnover of £110 million.

ReThink Recruitment is the IT and business recruitment division of the Group and is sole supplier of IT staff for companies such as Boots and Marks & Spencer.

Gareth Jones is the Regional Branch Manager in Manchester and previously had a successful career as a professional rugby player at premiership level.

“I took our staff training in-house in 2013 and wanted to introduce external consultants only when we felt they had something unique and a little left-field to offer us. As a professional sports player I was aware of some of the excellent leadership and motivational coaching that was being practiced with high-performing athletes and teams. I heard about Andy McCann of DNA Definitive via a reference I read from Shaun Edwards (former Rugby League Player) who sang his praises.”


The Challenges

The average age of the sales team members is 20-25 years and the challenge is to keep them engaged and motivated. Gareth was looking for training that would both inspire and energise them in a way that they could both relate to and translate into their daily tasks and challenges.

“In my opinion, the technical element of the job can often be overcomplicated. There’s no point in focusing on getting the sales technique right if the attitude is all wrong and the staff are demotivated.”


The Solution

Gareth was keen to work with someone from a sporting background, following his own success and experience of motivational coaching and leadership development.

Andy McCann joined the ReThink Recruitment Manchester team for a day of training and development in July 2013.

When preparing the sessions in advance, Andy spoke with Gareth to ensure that the brief would be met and it was agreed to run two sessions. The first was for staff and their managers, while the second was just for the managers. As with all DNA Definitive sessions, the aim was to affirm good practice, introduce delegates to something new and to challenge them in a fun, interactive way.

In the first session, Andy utilised both sport and business examples to illustrate the characteristics of peak performance; to compare the similarities between meeting sales targets and the life of a professional athlete; to illustrate how the culture of competition can be a really positive thing; and to highlight the key components of mental toughness, and how they relate to us all, no matter the environment in which we work.

When extending these ideas for the managers in the second session, Andy introduced common leadership myths; compared the similarities between being a sales manager and an elite sports coach; challenged the delegates about what a team really is; introduced the idea of a ‘leadership attitude’; and what consistent leadership behaviours look like.


The Impact

Following the training session in July the team had the two highest selling months of the year across the entire Group. They were also named the most successful branch in the Group for the entire 2013 financial year.

“The training day with Andy was both inspirational and thought provoking with all attendees feeling extremely positive about challenging themselves to improve performance. The results following were dramatic and I can directly attribute them to Andy’s visit. I would happily recommend Andy’s work to any individual, team or business that was passionate about winning and finding the extra edge.”


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