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DNA Definitive evolved as a collective group of professionals and leadership specialists, from a shared in-depth knowledge and understanding of elite performance in the fields of business, sport, medicine, education, public service and military special forces.

Our knowledge is based on our decades of scientific and academic research along with our extensive professional experience, with our proven results in the field.

Our belief is that every individual, team and organisation can utilise the tried and tested DNA principles and become the best at what they do.

We work with organisations, teams and individuals to help them develop stronger, more capable, confident, and resilient people. The direct impact is all about improving performance, saving time and money and improving team morale.

DNA Definitive's Paul, Andy and Steve with Sam Warburton

What we believe

Our principles define us and help us shape the work we do with our clients. We believe the future of the 21st century workplace is all about balance.

Balance between:

  • Work and life
  • Commerce and contentment
  • Confidence and humility
  • Competitiveness and collaboration.

As we are increasingly exposed to more — information, communication, and collaboration opportunities — our human interactions are evolving to keep up, but also devolving to cope with the fast pace of change. Beneath the exterior efficiency of the 21st century workplace however, and the people that work there, we are still human beings — with all the chaos, confusion, emotion and ambiguity that comes with that.

Although they can seemingly at times hinder work and progress, these inherent human characteristics also make us the powerful, successful, hard-working, life-affirming people that we all are.

At DNA Definitive we are all about engaging your talent. About embracing every aspect of the human being and getting the absolute best out of people, creating great leaders, and encouraging all of us to contribute with confidence, commitment and kindness.

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@DNA_Definitive • Aug 20

DNA in India. Dr Paul delivering Simplexity to an audience of CEO's and Directors with great response.

@DNA_Definitive • Jul 12

Congratulations to Hef, Robin and Andy in completing a marathon walk the past 2 days. Impressive for old folk



March 31, 2015

DNA's Resilience Conference for the Wales Deanery

DNA Definitive runs a UK leading 'Developing Resilience' event for the Wales Deanery with contributions from some truly exceptional speakers.







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We are genuinely interested in hearing from people who feel their approach is aligned to our core principles and who believe they can add significant value to our portfolio of services. We are interested in talented people, with a proven passion for performance, collaboration and commitment.